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The Bearings & Automotive Components Unit is in charge of connecting direct material suppliers to forging and precision machining specialists to the world’s leading bearings manufacturers, systemic (TIER I / II) and assembler manufacturers.

The Sojitz Group great competitive advantage with the supply of forged and machined components is the development of an exclusive network of suppliers, where we play an important role as investors and commercial agents within the supply chain of these components acting on a global scale.


In April 2018, Sojitz created the Medical Infrastructure Unit, aiming deepening efforts to provide medical infrastructure, consolidating knowledge through work carried out in large DBFM projects, namely Design, Building, Finance and Management.



Supplying bearings components to the world that supports the development of the industrial society

Bearing components manufacturing company NANO Automotive S.L. (Spain)

Bearings are considered crucial components of the machinery industry and require a stable supply around the world as something essential to the advancement of industrialized societies around the world.


We have positioned bearings as one of the major products and are building a supply chain for our industrial machinery and bearing business that can contribute to worldwide business development across the globe.


We are supplying bearings to all parts of China through our dealership network and a joint venture with NSK, which manufacturers finished bearings. Moreover, several component processing businesses we have in China serve as a components production base for major bearing plants in the world. Through these, we will continue contributing to the development of regional industries by supporting management of operating companies.


In 2016, we also began investing in a bearing component manufacturing company in Spain (NANO Automotive S.L.) with the aim of expanding our business foundation in Europe.


We will contribute to the development of the region’s industry by using this company as a stepping stone to establish partnerships with European enterprises.