Agribusiness & Consumer Lifestyle

Our Global Division of Agribusiness and Consumer Lifestyle keep a close relationship with many suppliers and customers in the main market, including Brazil, working since developing products until its presentation, negotiation and sale to international market, by using global marketing strategies through our wide network offices and experience on world market.


Our Division of Food handles raw materials to several applications for food businesses.

Our main activity is exportation and importation of raw materials, in order to comply with customer’s needs and required quality, for food production.

Examples of products negotiated by Sojitz Brazil:


• Meat

• Frozen Juices

• Organic Sugar

• Grain and Seeds

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Sojitz Brazil cooperates with Sojitz Foods Corporation (SOFCO), in order to promote and expand food related business.


SOFCO is a Sogo Shosha that specializes in food, dealing in a wide range of items including livestock materials, food, agricultural and fishery materials, sugar and basic materials. Capitalizing on the strength arising from the comprehensiveness, we systematically combine advanced specialist functions associated with logistics, quality management and product development to create unique value and deliver safe, reliable food to people around the world.


Animal Feed Division directly cooperates with the main world producers of raw materials, supplying products for animal feed production, in accordance with customer’s purpose and requirement.

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Sojitz group has been engaged in the forest products business for half a century, working with around 1,500 suppliers globally.


In Japan, Sojitz has secured a leading position in domestic market for the sale of forest products, imported plywood and woodchips for papermaking, as well as established wide-ranging business centered around Asia, handling everything from resource procurement to services:

Forest Products Business Domain

Resource Procurement Manufacture / Processing Trading (import/export) Wholesale / Retail Services
Afflorestation for papermaking purposes Woodchip, cardboard box and bag, domestic plywood production. Woodchips, pulp, timber and lumber, building materials, paperboard and other paper products. Pulp, paper products, building materials and other products. Solutions for packaging and wrapping. Construction work design and contracting.

In order to effectively conduct its Forest Product Business, Sojitz group relies on its two main business vehicles:

Sojitz Corporation
(Forest Product Dept.)
Forestry and woodchip production business.
Development of sustainable forest product supply chain.
Sojitz Building Materials Corporation Trading, planning and design of wood and building materials. Top-class position in domestic sales of import plywood.

Sojitz Building Materials Corporation – which is a core subsidiary in the forest products business of Sojitz group and one of Japan’s leading building material trading companies. This company has built a solid customer base in the building material market as one of Japan’s major plywood dealers and supplies products and materials for building houses in Japan.


Frequently coordinating with core subsidiary Sojitz Building Materials, the Forest Products Department of Sojitz Corporation conducts forestry and woodchip production businesses, imports unprocessed wood products, and supplies raw materials to Sojitz Building Materials Corp.


Overall, Sojitz group invested in number of Forest Product Business companies in Japan and overseas:

Country № of subsidiaries Main actitivities/products
Japan 4 companies Manufacture of larch wood products. Sales of imported and locally produced wood products (timber/lumber, plywood, pulp, paper & products, building materials).
Vietnam 5 companies Afforestation, manufacture and sales of woodchips, household and industrial paper products.
Malasya 1 company Sales of timber products and plywood
Indonesia 1 company Sales of interior wooden materials and installation management
Australia 1 company Afforestation, manufacture and sales of woodchips
South Africa 1 company Manufacture and sales of woodchips
Mozambique 1 company Manufacture and sales of woodchips

Considering Brazil as a high potential source of Forest Products, Sojitz group (through its subsidiary company Sojitz do Brasil S.A.) currently is prospecting a number of items in Brazil (for export to Japan and rest of Asia):

• Logs (Eucalyptus)

• Lumber (hardwood decking, etc.),

• Veneer (eucalyptus)

• Plywood

• Pallets

• Other forest products

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Agronegócio e Bens de Consumo - Pallet

Emphasizing consideration for the environment and society, the Sojitz Group aims to realize procurement of only traceable forest products, subject to eco-friendly and socially responsible forest management measures.


If your company shares the same values and wishes to become a supplier of such Forest Products for Sojitz group, please do not hesitate to contact us.