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Products transformed from crude oil (or natural gas) into useful and important raw materials are called petrochemicals. Sojitz do Brasil handles many items.



Paints, Adhesives and Thinners are examples of products containing solvents in its formulation.


Sojitz do Brasil works in several segments within chemical industry – from organics and inorganics to fine chemical

C5 – DCPD (Cymetech)


Manufacture and sale of high purity DCPD.

Chloroprene Rubber (CR)


Policloroprene is an organic compound which is a type of Synthetic Rubber. This is widely used in adhesive applications such footware, automotive and construction.


• Vibration Isolator for Hoses – Automotive Industry.


• Adhesives for Tennis Shoes – Footware industry.


• Hydraulic Hose.

Chlorosulphoneted Polietilene (CSM).


The CSM is known worldwide due to its good resistance of chemicals, oil, abrasion and ultraviolet light. Typically CSM compounds can be found widely on hoses, coatings in many different industries such automotive, railway, and mining.


• Rubber Parts for Automotive Industry.


• Handrails for escalators.


• Rubber panels for railways


• Rubber Rolls – Mining Industry.